18 April 2008

The Larger Photo Book: the new XL-Format launched in Ireland 

Today FotoInsight launches the larger photo book format in Ireland and the Euro-Zone countries. The new version of the FotoInsight Pro software is available as a free download.

Most households use digital cameras and a growing share take high resolution pictures which can be enlarged to poster size. While computers, mobile phones and cameras have a tendency to become ever more compact, the resolution (or number of pixels) of digital images is growing ever larger. In line with it grows the demand for large format prints. FotoInsight serves this trend with posters, canvas printing and the new XL photobooks, in which pictures can extend across a 60 cm wide double page spread.

The digital image quality has improved vastly. The demand for our large format print products like poster- and canvas print has experienced enormous growth” explains FotoInsight’s Managing Director Klaas Brumann and adds: “It was therefore only logical to add a large photo book format; the new XL photo book to our range.”

The FotoInsight Pro photo book software is intuitive and does not require specialist knowledge. According to the vendor, the Layout Assistant in its “FotoInsight Pro” photo book software can design a coffee table style CEWE photo book in XL-format in under three minutes. Users with time and patience may enjoy designing their own printed photo album page by page or simply refine the Layout Assistant’s design with texts and repositioning the images.

A New Photo Book for 60 cm Wide Landscapes Spread Across Double Pages
FotoInsight now offers a range of 94 different photo book formats counted by cover, size and number of pages. Its portfolio ranges from a pocket size photo booklet (from €7.95 plus p&p) through bound albums in square format (20x20cm, from €14.95) or A4 to the new XL-format (30x30cm, from €15.95). All photobooks (square, A4 and XL) from FotoInsight are available with very durable channel bind in a linen cover or in a soft or hardcover where cover and spine can be edited freely with photos and text. All photo books are available in different sizes, from 26 to 98 pages (increasing in eight page steps).

A popular occasion for photo book printing is the wedding photo book. With the software upgrade FotoInsight includes over 100 layouts and backgrounds and now adds classic cover materials, e.g. faux leather and premium linen in the larger XL-format.

Convenient and flexible

FotoInsight offers an easy to use, online photo service, compatible with digital images from any digital camera or camera phone brand. According to FotoInsight’s management its prints cost less and last longer compared to inkjet printing at home. FotoInsight offers a wide range of photo gifts and print products like photo calendars, jigsaw puzzles and picture pairs.

The creative freedom provided by the new FotoInsight Pro Software is not limited to photo books, but the same tools can be used for digital photo calendar design with a number of different sizes and templates and a virtually unlimited number of images per page, image layers, free positioning and flexible text tools. FotoInsight’s Managing Director Klaas Brumann states: “Our team’s goal was to create the best, most flexible and easy to use photo book and photo printing service. We think we have achieved this goal and are looking forward to the feedback on the new software version.”

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