11 April 2013

“Window of Opportunity” for Large Photo Service Providers  

Stuck with legacy photo processing? SaaS key to social / mobile revenues, says NZ company

Auckland, NZ / Sydney. 11 April 2013. - Yesterday’s digital imaging solutions are ill-prepared for the rapid market shift driven by mobile media and social networks, says Auckland-based Ecce Terram, a global digital imaging company. It now has launched Photo2Home in Australia, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for large retail chains, commercial printers and online retailers.

To underline the software’s capabilities, Ecce Terram introduced it with a fully working online store (www.photo2home.com.au). The Photo2Home concept enables photo processing and retail industry leaders to realize new revenue streams and new product lines, by offering consumers new levels of convenience.

Photo2Home has already successfully been deployed in the U.S. and in Western Europe. The comprehensive solution for large retailers and processing centers is positioned not to replace, but to fully complement their existing processing technology, thus protecting prior investments, according to Ecce Terram.

The Photo2Home online store was established to show off the strength and flexibility of the underlying technology to industry decision makers and technology buyers, and to introduce them to the broad range of new business opportunities that await large players who are looking to overcome bottlenecks in their existing infrastructure.

Under the tagline “Create your photo products anywhere, at any time,” site visitors are invited to experience the convenience and versatility of the Photo2Home world. In addition to multi-platform desktop clients, it provides them with an HTML5-based online client, as well as mobile and social Apps, for location-independent mobile photo processing and order needs.

The main advantage of the software’s modular, open structure is that it allows retailers and printers to deploy the elements of the white-labeled version of Ecce Terram’s software suite either individually or all of them combined, like in the fully functional Photo2Home store on the Web.

Ecce Terram’s software addresses a huge challenge currently faced by leading national retail chains and online retailers who offer photo services to their customers: On the customer-facing side, they still rely on online client software for desktop computers to enable consumers to upload their pictures for processing and order photo products. In Europe and in the U.S., most consumers now prefer the convenience of social and mobile media to create and order photo products from their favorite snapshots.
The retail sector and photo service providers in those countries have shifted into high gear to meet their demand. They have created additional revenue streams and new product lines, by offering “apps” for smartphones, tablet computers and social networks.

According to Ecce Terram’s founder and President Frank Simon, the company has created  the new Photo2Home site as a “Window of Opportunity” for large retailers and processing centers.  Mr. Simon welcomes “early adopters” and photo enthusiasts discovering the convenience of the new Photo2Home online store, he said: “We are looking forward to their feedback and insights, which have been proved extremely valuable for our consumer-driven approach to software development.”

Yet the main purpose of the new service is a different one, he emphasized: to show industry customers a way to create new revenue streams without having to abandon existing investments and more proprietary  technology. “We were asking ourselves, what’s the best way to let players in the imaging and print industry and photo enthusiasts actually experience industry-strength solutions that overcome the bottleneck of desktop clients, and take full advantage of the social/mobile shift?” he said.
“Someone recently described the current shift as a ‘window of opportunity’ - for new convenience services, product lines, order channels, revenues.” “So when we conceived the Photo2Home site, that’s what we had in mind,” Mr. Simon said. “We said, let’s build this as a 'window of opportunity' that are proven and work. You can come and see for yourself on the Photo2Home site.”

ECCE TERRAM will present Photo2Home on CeBIT Austrlia in Sydney from May 28 to June 1 in Hall 5, booth X20.2. To schedule an appointment, please contact us via email at cebit2013@ecce-terram.co.nz or via phone at +64 9 304 0709 within New Zealand/Australia , +1 678 244 1521 (EST) within the United States/Canada,, and +49 441 500 120 within Europe.


About Photo2lab
The Photo2Lab Software Suite offers a complete solution from photo ordering to processing in commercial labs. It includes software applications for Windows, Mac, and Linux, web components, and modules for CD processing or mobile platforms, like iOS and Android devices. The modern connection protocol TRON is freely available and is supported by a variety of third parties. These provide solutions for, among other things, set-top boxes or kiosk terminals. Along with order processing, aspects such as payment, promotion, and adaptation options for affiliates and partners are taken into consideration as part of a white label solution. The products can be used to handle anything from photo prints to hardcover photobooks, thus offering unique flexibility and openness with the goal of enabling solution customers to reduce costs and reach new target audiences. 

For more information, visit http://www.ecce-terram.co.nz/

ECCE TERRAM was founded by Frank Simon in 1996. It has specialized in solutions for e-commerce for the photo industry, lab control, e-payment, and content management. The company's Internet applications are used by well-known companies in the photo industry and beyond. Company headquarters are located in Germany, with subsidiaries in the U.S. and New Zealand.

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