06 November 2013

Ecce Terram CEO: New Online Print Services could eat Print Labs' Lunch 

Silicon Valley, Cal. November 06, 2013. - "Traditional" photo labs, watch out: a new generation of Web-based photo print services are getting ready to eat your lunch. They have their eyes set on the consumer market, and they are not wasting time.

That is the essence of recent remarks by Frank Simon, founder and CEO of Ecce Terram (Silicon Valley / Germany / New Zealand), the pioneering provider of digital imaging solutions for photo processing centers and leading retailers.

Simon made his comments following the announcement that Wuerzburg, Germany-based flyeralarm GmbH, one of Europe's largest b2b online printers with operations in seven European countries, has launched an online photo print service specifically geared towards consumers.

The new consumer-facing platform, branded as my FLYERALARM, lets online visitors select and design personalized photo products in 11 categories, from photo-imprinted soda cans to high-end photo books. Customers download a client software based on Ecce Terram's Photo2Lab solution. Branded as My Design (for Windows / Mac), it ensures a user-friendly design experience, as well as seamless ecommerce and order processing workflow.

"What impressed us most about the my FLYERALARM team was their forward-thinking approach, focus and keen understanding of today's digital photo services consumer" said Frank Simon. "my FLYERALARM has done its homework. They clearly grasp what their new target market demands now, and where it is heading, and they are determined to use their main advantages, flexibility and speed, to become a major player."

"The current range of photo products is just the beginning," said Stefan Constantin, CEO of my FLYERALARM. "We pride ourselves on being an innovative company and stay on top of the newest trends."

Simon added that his company considers my FLYERALARM a prime example of a new force that is bound to change the photo processing industry. Working with FLYERALARM Ecce Terram added features to its print solution which very much help the customer to visualise what he is buying and provide FLYERALARM with far superior up- and cross-selling tools than online photo labs are currently using.

"Based on recent experience in similar projects, I think it is fair to say that commercial printers seem to be much more flexible, compared to the old guard, in their response to the current shift in the consumer market for photo services and products." Simon said.

Their mantra is 'time-to-market' - not 'time will tell.”


About ECCE TERRAM Internet Service GmbH
ECCE TERRAM, headquartered in Oldenburg (Germany), is a global enterprise focusing on photo ordering solutions and social media services for digital photo labs, retail chains and printing centers ("Photo2Lab Software Suite"). The company has subsidiaries in the US (Silicon Valley) and New Zealand (Auckland).

About flyeralarm GmbH GmbH
flyeralarm GmbH, based in Würzburg, Germany is one of the largest online printers in Europe. The rapidly expanding group of companies focuses on the manufacture, processing and distribution of printed products. Its portfolio includes printed matter of all kinds, from flyers to bound books. flyeralarm GmbH currently operates five production sites around the metropolitan areas of Würzburg and Dresden. Every day, the print specialist processes 10,000 orders on average and in 2012 generated sales of 260 million euros. flyeralarm GmbH was founded in 2002 and has about 1,500 employees. The company’s international footprint includes the United Kingdom, Italy Austria, Poland, Spain and the Netherlands.

About Photo2Lab
The Photo2Lab Software Suite by ECCE TERRAM offers a complete solution from photo ordering to processing in commercial labs. It includes software applications for Windows, Mac and Linux, along with iOS, Android and social networks, as well as state-of-the-art web applications based on HTML5. The modern connection protocol – TRON – is freely available and is supported by a variety of third party manufacturers.
Along with the core photo order processing functions, aspects such as payment, promotion, and adaptation options for affiliates and partners are taken into consideration as part of the white brand solutions on offer. The product range covered by the Photo2Lab Software Suite includes anything from photo prints to photo gifts and hardcover photo albums. Photo2Lab thus offers a flexibility and openness unique to the industry, with the goal of enabling customers of this solution to reduce costs and reach new target audiences.

ECCE TERRAM Internet Service GmbH
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