16 November 2006

New Gift Ideas from printing 1: Photo on Canvas 

Printing on canvas has so far been dominated by small, specialist workshops, elaborating individual prints and who hand stretch them over a frame. An expensive process, but a new offering this Christmas gift season is about to bring change. printing-1, an online specialist that uses large, high-tech installations to improve quality and reduce costs on personalised photo gifts is launching a new photo on canvas print service this week.

London, UK. 16 November 2006. – Taking good photographs is easier and cheaper than ever before. Many digital images lingering on computer hard drives could stand out on an office wall, the reception or in the sitting room at home. Until recently photo canvas printing was done by small workshops at horrendous prices. Printing-1 claims to apply the latest technology and efficient production methods to offer what it calls big canvas prints at small prices.

printing 1, a specialist servicing amateur and professional photographers alike, print photos on canvas on frames starting at 30 cm per side and increasing in 10 cm steps to 80 cm per side, where any combination of size can be chosen in these 10 cm steps. The standardised formats, parts and processes allow for higher degree of automation and help to bring the price down. The print penetrates deep into the yarn and therefore does not crack on the edge of the frame. Images are delivered stretched and mounted onto a robust wooden frame which can be hung on the wall immediately and is expected to be extremely long lasting, due to optimised inks and fabrics.

Photo canvas prints help to refine holiday snaps into large format objects of art. The fine structure of the fabric and the image extending over the frame creates the impression of great depth. As the print is highly durable and already mounted onto the frame expensive glass frames become unnecessary. The mounted canvas can be put on the wall immediately and is becomes a very individual piece of art. It is an ideal present suitable for the home as well as stylish offices. Photos on canvas should appeal particularly to those enthusiasts who use Photoshop filters and image editing software like Fo2Pix Artmaster to create digital art. When digital image editing causes the wish to create a large, artistic canvas, the home inkjet printer does not suffice. Printing-1 claims to provide the right quality. A photo canvas print shows more detail, a finer structure and greater depth than images behind glass frames or a photographic poster print.

Printing a photo onto canvas has become as easy as ordering prints or photo books at www.printing-1.co.uk. Printing-1 delivers in the UK, Ireland, the USA and most European countries also under a separate delivery address. This appears convenient in the run up to the Christmas gift shopping rush, especially considering the package size of the mounted canvases. The modern production processes reduce the costs, which allows Printing-1 to offer their prints from £29.95 for a 30cm or 12” mounted canvas and the largest format at 120 cm x 120 cm at £159.95 (postage & packaging is £9.90). Prices which seem well below those that could be found online until recently.

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Printing-1 Background

Printing-1 started in October 2006 as a British-German joint-venture. The Internet-Service is specialising in high quality, modern photo print products like photo books and photo canvas.

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IITM is a specialist agency and will be delighted to arrange interviews, images, NFR versions for review and discuss opportunities for software reviews, cover mounts, incentives, OEM versions.

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