03 November 2014

Photo Advent Calendar with delicious Continental chocolates 

With the new photo Advent calendar with branded German and Swiss chocolates FotoInsight extends its range of photo chocolate Advent calendars which now include the flavors: nougat, dark chocolate and hazelnut from “Sarotti”® and “Confectionery Heidel”®.

 Photo Advent Calendars 
Going back to 19th century customs of counting out the days leading up to Christmas, Advent calendars, particularly for children, started to appear in the early 20th century. Traditionally, Advent calendars were made and filled at home, nowadays many families use supermarket Advent calendars with commercial pictures, often displaying children’s film characters.

Creating your own Advent calendar, without glue or scissors

Those who do not want to feed their loved once commercial Advent calendars off the shelf and would rather like to create or design an Advent calendar with a photograph to remember the best moments of the year, will find help at FotoInsight. At this online photo print service one can get own pictures printed onto a real chocolate filled Advent calendar. The Advent calendar begins on the first of December. Its 24 little doors conceal festively wrapped German and Swiss chocolate. With a nice picture for friends or family, it is easy to create an absolutely unique Advent calendar this year.

Information about the new photo Advent calendar with Continental quality chocolates

Milk chocolate (contains at least 31% cocoa, 23% milk solids); hazelnut milk chocolate (contains at least 25% cocoa, 14% milk solids, 16% ground hazelnut);dark chocolate (contains at least 50% cocoa).
Photo Advent calendar with Continental chocolate
From November 1st FotoInsight will offer a new photo Advent calendar with assorted chocolate from Germany and Switzerland by “Sarotti”® and “Confectionery Heidel”® in size of approx 355 x 245 x 11 mm with a print area of 355 x 245 and a wrap around print of the 11 mm deep edges.
Filling: 95 g net weight
Price: £11.99 (inc VAT)
Turnaround time: Six working days.
Photo Advent calendar with chocolate from “Sarotti”® and “Confectionery Heidel”®:


Information about the photo Advent calendar with chocolate balls

Price of £7.95.
Turnaround time: Six working days.
Individual Advent calendars
Advent calendar picture print
From November 1st FotoInsight is shipping chocolate-filled advent calendar with a personal photo onprint in size 23.5 x 17.8 x 2.5 cm (W x H x D). A picture uploaded over the website is printed on the 28.5 x 22.8 cm large print area (of which 2.5 cm per side folded). The usual 24 doors conceal 24 festively wrapped milk chocolate balls.

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