24 May 2006

FotoInsight Launches Reusable Photo Tote Bag 

FotoInsight launches new product idea supporting popular demand to reduce the number of supermarket plastic carrier bags wasted each year.

Cambridge, UK. 30 May 2006. – Encouraging customers to use fewer environmentally unfriendly plastic bags has long been a challenge. The UK's largest supermarket chain said this month that it would seek to cut the number of shopping bags it gives to customers by 25% over the next two years. Much more could be achieved by getting people to use their own, durable carrier bags.

Photo Shopping Bag
FotoInsight of Cambridge prints digital photos onto canvas for long lasting carrier bags. Such a reusable photo carrier bag costs £4.99 /€6.99 and is an ideal, personalised and useful present. Over the course of its long life the FotoInsight canvas bag helps avoiding thousands of plastic supermarket carriers when used regularly. Why carry a supermarket’s logo when the carrier can feature ones favourite photograph.

Do carrier bags matter?

Every year, an estimated 17.5 billion plastic carrier bags are given away by supermarkets, an average of 290 bags for every person in the UK (Waste Watch). According to “Recycle Now” 80% of shoppers put everything into free carrier bags at the supermarket, using them usually only once. This results in 100,000 tonnes of plastic bags being thrown away – equivalent to the weight of 70,000 mid size cars. Reusable carrier bags are a small contribution, but they certainly help the environment.

According to FotoInsight, photographic gift items are an increasingly important part of its online service. The FotoInsight management expects the canvas print tote bag to prove popular not only in light of the recent discussions about global warming, CO2 emissions and land fill but also as a smart, sub £8 /€12 gift idea.

Extension of the photo gift range

"In 2006, we expect that photo gifts, photo books and calendars will account for 75% of FotoInsight’s revenue" states FotoInsight Ltd Managing Director Klaas Brumann and continues: “Photo tote bags are long lasting and environmentally friendly. FotoInsight offers a large range of photo gifts like mugs, picture pairs, puzzles etc and plans to further expand its range of long lasting, smart gift ideas in superior quality.”

Contact information

FotoInsight Ltd.
9 Moore Close, Cambridge, CB4 1ZP, UK
Skype FotoInside
Email: pr (at) fotoinsight.co.uk
Tel. +44 8700 114911

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