22 July 2009

Everything for School with own Photographs 

Cambridge. 23 July 2009. - When the start of a new school year approaches, the school bag needs filling. The online photo printer FotoInsight from Cambridge offers a new service to individualise such items. The idea is to personally engage the youngsters with their school supplies, to ensure that they will look after them. In addition, own pictures of a pet, a group of friends or from the holidays keep positive memories alive. An aluminium water flask with a personal photograph is less likely to be kicked in-lieu of a football. The school bag will be treated with due care if the the own image has been printed onto it. FotoInsight now prints digital photographs onto practical items like spiral note pads, money boxes or fluffy key rings.

In time for the new school year FotoInsight introduces a new line of photo products today. Examples of products onto which the online photo service applies customer photographs through the free ordering software FotoInsight Designer include:

- Spiral bound notepad (A4, £6.99/€8.99) - introductory 3 for 2 offer *
- Spiral bound notepad (A5, £5.99/€6.99) - introductory 3 for 2 offer *
- Animal key chain (£5.99/€7.99)
- Money box (£9.99/€13.99)
- Messenger Bags (£19.99/€29.99)
- Aluminium sports bottle with photo (£12.99/€14.99)

Product Personalisation through Mass Customisation

The expression Mass Customisation is oxymoron, joining the opposites "Mass Production" and "Customisation", which has lately become fashionable. Mass customisation aims at producing goods and services to individual customer specifications with efficiencies and costs similar to mass production. Some firms in the growing photo gifts market, for example FotoInsight Ltd, apply this strategy, using new technologies and innovative structures to submit mass produced items like key rings and water bottles to an individualisation process, applying user photographs. To achieve costs and delivery times similar to those of mass produced standard items, the production architecture has to be structured in a way that the individualisation takes place at the rear end of the production chain. These firms acquire mass produced components produced benefiting from large economies of scale. As the individualisation can only be applied after an order has been placed, the process is called an "X-to-order" production. The gift items market with its strong seasonal fluctuations towards Christmas and Mother's day requires a particularly flexible production.

Realising own ideas

"Services that want to survive the fast changing photo printing market have to produce goods in a way that each customer will find exactly what he or she wants", states FotoInsight's Managing Director Klaas Brumann. A growing number of items ranging from the useful to the decorative undergo customisation by application of customer photographs. Users can turn own ideas into realities, which often have an artistic theme or are aesthetic, funny or personal. Consumers' growing design orientation becomes useful on school supplies. Everyday items like notepads, which are often no longer valued by many pupils, receive a new personal value when they are individual.

* Notepads' introductory offer: 3 for 2

FotoInsight is introducing spiral bound notepads (pages with grid lines) with fully editable photo cover with a three for the price of two promotion. The voucher code: " BACK2SCHOOL " is valid until 30 September 2009. Only one voucher or promotion per order.


FotoInsight Ltd.

Catalina Martinez, Head of International Communication
Cambridge, CB4 1ZP, UK
Skype fotoinside
Tel. +44 (0)8700 114911
Fax +44 (0)8715 601675
Email: pr (at) fotoinsight.co.uk

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06 July 2009

Kids bored at home - give them something to do? 

Special photo gifts and games for children this summer.

Let children create their own puzzle, game or cuddly friend. Kids will light up when they receive their game with their own photograph. Only for the month of July 2009 FotoInsight will only offer these entertaining photo gifts at 30% discount for the rest of July 2009. Simply use voucher code " SUMMER09 ":

Picture Pairs Games
Match the photos to make-up pairs. The game promotes the mental development, sorting, mental image rotation, matching and the development of memory skills. Encoding, of novel picture pairs activates the perirhinal cortex (a region of the brain) and is a real brain jogger for all ages. Creating a personal FotoInsight Picture Pairs game from digital camera images is as easy as ordering any other photo prints online.

Photo Puzzle
Any family that has digital photos can create this unique jigsaw puzzle. A durable print on quality cardboard makes assembling a family photo puzzle an entertaining challenge.

Teddy Bear
Cuddly quality teddy bear wearing a t-shirt with photo print.

Baseball cap
Practical sun shield cap with photo print. Sun protection that children actually will want to wear.

Shoulder bag
Attractive shoulder bag for young girls. The print area extends over the whole cover of 18 x 22 cm.

For the UK:
Picture Pairs only £9.09
Photo Puzzle, from £5.59
Teddy Bear £6.29
Baseball Cap only £4.89
Shoulder Bag reduced from £14.99 to £10.49

For the Republic of Ireland and Euro-Zone
Picture Pairs only € 9.79
Photo Puzzle, from € 6.90
Teddy Bear € 9.09
Baseball Cap € 8.30
Shoulder Bag reduced from €19.99 to € 13.99

For journalists:

For questions or if you would like to test the FotoInsight Photo Book Service as a journalist please contact us at tel. +44 (0)8700 114911 or email pr (at) fotoinsight.co.uk .

Information about FotoInsight

FotoInsight Ltd was founded in 2003 in Cambridge and runs an easy to use digital photo processing service, offering an extensive array of award-winning photographic print and photo gifts as well as the photo books, photo poster, photo calendars and photos on photo canvas printing. Customers benefit from patented development processes and the experience of Europe’s largest independent photo lab with an installed capacity of 18 million prints per day. Photos ordered through FotoInsight are developed in one of 16 strategically located, state of the art photo labs, employing 2400 staff, with an output of over 3 billion prints per year.


FotoInsight Ltd.

Catalina Martinez, International Communication

Cambridge, CB4 1ZP, UK

Skype fotoinside

Tel. +44 (0)8700 114911
Fax +44 (0)8715 601675

Email: pr (at) fotoinsight.com

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