26 March 2015

Every Nursery, School And Family Should Play Its Own ‘Face Picture Pairs’ Card Game 

Specialists recommend every family, nursery and school to test children for face perception disorders with a personalised picture pairs card game with faces of classmates or family.

Based on recent scientific reports, it is now recommended to test children more widely for prosopagnosia, generally known as face blindness. A creative tool to test for face blindness are bespoke picture pairs card games. These card games are sold under the name 'Foto Memo'® and promote the mental development, sorting, mental image rotation, matching and develop memory skills. Encoding of novel picture pairs activates the perirhinal cortex (a region of the brain involved in visual perception and memory) and is a real memory jogger for all ages.

Other photo products recommended by neurologists to families, nurseries and schools are birthday calendars, photo books and group photographs. Read more in the report http://iitm.be/faceblnd , with much information on the issue and many helpful recommendations on how to use portrait pictures to diagnose prosopagnosia and help sufferers.

Match the picture pairs of familiar faces
Printing a personal ‘Foto Memo’® picture pairs game from digital images is as easy as buying photo prints online. A set of ‘Foto Memo’® cards of 25 picture pairs costs only £12.99 plus £2.99 delivery at http://fotoinsight.co.uk/gifts/toys---games/picture-pairs-game.html within the UK (or €16.99 plus €4.99 delivery from http://fotoinsight.ie/gift-ideas/toys-and-games/photo-memo.html to Ireland and most European countries). For prosopagnosia sufferers, such picture pairs cards can also be used like flashcards in training vocabulary, but with the pictures of the faces of the people they want to learn to recognise.

Decorating with portrait pictures
Portrait pictures of pupils, educators, teachers and staff decorate many school halls and classrooms. They help face blind children develop strategies to distinguish individual faces. For the prosopagnosia sufferers, specialists recommend making group pictures of similar looking faces. FotoInsight offers poster print (from £1,99 plus p&p), fancy gallery print, foam board prints, acrylic prints and elegant aluminium dibond mounted posters.

Birthday calendars
Calendars with birthday portraits decorate many classrooms and are a special way to remember and celebrate birthdays.

Portrait album
If portrait pictures have been taken for the home, classroom, school gallery or picture pairs or a birthday calendar, then creating a “face book” or portrait album will be an exciting project and is easily done. FotoInsight photographic paper photo albums are a top end product, with an extra-strong bind. This allows children (e.g. the face blind) to take such a portrait album home to learn to distinguish their peers. It is also a popular, hard copy time capsule, of which most parents will be keen to acquire and preserve a print. Photo booklets start from £5.99 (plus delivery). Photographic paper photobooks start from £21.95 (plus delivery).

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