06 September 2004

Cambridge, September 2004. FotoInsight introduces a new photo software package called Home Photo Service Order Pro, resolving eight common problems of digital photography. FotoInsight is distributing free copies off its website for the first two month: www.fotoinsight.co.uk/pro

Digital photography is a fantastic invention and its popularity is rapidly overtaking traditional colour photography. Once you hold digital images on your hard disk these cause a series of new requirements and needs:

1.- Escape lack of hard disk space and high storage costs.

2.- Back-up photo collections onto CD-R.

3.- Cropping digital images.

4.- Image file conversion to jpeg or other formats.

5.- Quality prints at competitive prices as with traditional (analogue) photo processing (from 10p per print).

6.- Organising image collections and albums – find your images back.

7.- Creating a slide shows of your holiday pictures.

8.- Creativity: Printing calendars, frames, greeting cards.

FotoInsight's new “Order Pro photo software” resolves all of this and makes ordering prints online really easy, without the hassle of lost data, interrupted transmission etc.

It currently is free. FotoInsight is introducing the application with no time limit as a free download. But the free download introduction will last two month only, by then FotoInsight hopes to have received many recommendations and plans to start charging for the software as for any other image editing application. So hurry to get your free copy (Windows PC or Mac) from:


General Information
FotoInsight Limited is a Cambridge internet company providing high quality photo processing through advanced technology at very low prices. Customers benefit from patented development processes and the experience of Europe’s largest independent photo lab with an installed capacity of 18 million prints per day.

More information at http://fotoinsight.co.uk

Contact Information
Klaas Brumann

FotoInsight Limited
9 Moore Close, Cambridge, CB4 1ZP
pr (at) fotoinsight.co.uk
Tel. +44 8700 114911
Fax +44 1223 503712

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