31 March 2006

Can online photo sharing be free? 

Former director claims Kodak mislead customers on the quality of online photo sharing.
“A former employee has accused Eastman Kodak Co. of illegally tampering with the quality of customers' digital photos and making false advertising claims, according to a statement issued Wednesday (29 March 2006) by the former employee's attorney” reports DylanMcGrath, business editor at AP. A competing online photo printing service, FotoInsight of Cambridge, UK distances itself from unlimited, free online photo hosting. FotoInsight’s Managing Director Klaas Brumann states: “Providing quality prints for a few cents or pence does not combine with unlimited online storage of multi megabyte image files. FotoInsight only offers uncompressed, printing quality online archiving. We have always stated that this can only be maintained with an honest time limit.” 

According to FotoInsight, providing unlimited online photo sharing at print quality is unsustainable with ever larger digital camera image files. FotoInsight provides an online archive option with print orders only, limited to one month, after which users may pay for an extension. Klaas Brumann comments: “Not everything on the internet can be free. There are plenty of sites specializing in online photo sharing, which is a feasible service as long as there is a tap on the size. Ofoto's (Kodak) business idea to use print quality photo files for unlimited hosting is wrong”.

According to FotoInsight, providing photo sharing with free basic features is feasible if financed through the sale of add-on premium services or advertising, as long as the image files remain small. Such online photo sharing sites follow a very different business model from photo printing services like FotoInsight, which specialise in real photographic paper prints and photo gifts requiring print resolution jpegs. “FotoInsight has never understood how Ofoto could accept unlimited storage and online access of multi megabyte jpegs for unlimited time. With Kodak acquiring Ofoto they will have to deal with the accusation by their former director of engineering Maya Raber, to have planned to “irreversibly damage photos”.” FotoInsight’s Managing Director Klaas Brumann comments from Cambridge: “FotoInsight is proud to facilitate the sharing of photographic memories with a printed photo book or online, across geographic boundaries. Our services endeavour to provide long term quality solutions.”

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24 March 2006

FotoInsight's New Digital Photo Software 

FotoInsight is making it easier to get real photographic paper prints, greeting cards
CeBIT, Hannover. 23 March 2006. – FotoInsight.co.uk announces the release of its new photo software package called Home Photo Service. According to FotoInsight the application resolves eight common problems of digital photography. During the first three months FotoInsight is distributing free copies off its website: http://fotoinsight.co.uk/designer-software.html 

Digital photography’s popularity has already overtaken analogue colour photography. While photographic prints on inkjet printers still lack behind in quality and price the digital format has taken consumers and business users by storm because of the ease and speed at which images can be stored and transferred across networks including the internet. Once the hard disk is filling up with hi-res images FotoInsight’s Home Photo Service software helps to:

1.- escape lack of hard disk space and high storage costs.

2.- back-up photo collections onto CD-R.

3.- edit, turn, flip, crop digital images, remove red eyes and more.

4.- convert image file to jpeg or other formats.

5.- print on real photographic paper at the same prices as with traditional (analogue) photo printing (from 9p per print).

6.- organise image collections and albums and to find images back.

7.- create slide shows of important events or holiday pictures.

8.- be creative: Print photo calendars, frames, greeting cards.

FotoInsight.co.uk’s new “Home Photo Service Software” resolves all of this and makes ordering prints online really easy. If the internet connection is interrupted during transmission the application will automatically try to communicate with the server to start where the upload was interrupted, without user intervention or the risk of loosing of data etc.

Edit, crop, rotate, zoom etc

It currently is free. FotoInsight is introducing the application with no time limit as a free download. But the free download introduction will last three months only, by then FotoInsight hopes the application will have received many commendations and plans to start charging for the software as for any other image editing application. Free copies (Windows PC or Mac) can be downloaded from:


FotoInsight’s Managing Director Klaas Brumann comments from Cambridge: “Photographic memories must never fade. FotoInsight is proud to provide the software that will help to preserve memories in vivid colours.”

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