19 February 2010

Three Rules for Outstanding Presents 

A guide to the right gift idea for Mother's Day

Trying to think from the recipients position is a good start when choosing a present. Who do we know better than our mother? Nevertheless, finding a unique present that expresses the respect and attention held is not easy, but some basic rules will help. Could Mother have easily purchased the item herself? If she could but hasn't, is it something she would want or would appreciate? How much effort has been put into the present? Generally, present with a strong personal component or input stand out and are valued more as the receiver appreciates the effort and attention. Everyone can buy a coffee table book about Spain, but making a photo book about the last family holiday is different and very personal. Usually pictures can make the difference between generic merchandise and a unique mother's day gift. 

The pleasure of picking something special

Indulging into the pleasures of picking something special requires some time to investigate ideas. Photo processing services offer a wide range of personalised gift items from calendars, canvases, crystal hearts to photo books and hand bags - all with your own photographs professionally applied.

First in imagination
Presents require using imagination and creativity. Combining text and images can convert the useful into a unique expression of creativity and attention to Mom. 

In Memoriam - CANVAS3 -30%

• A holiday or family photo as a canvas print? FotoInsight prints digital images onto canvas, stretched and mounted onto a wooden frame. Delivered ready to hang onto the wall and from now to the end of March with 30% discount (voucher code "ART3"). Sizes range from about A4 / 12”x8” (from £24.99 plus p&p) and can be as large as 32”x24”.

• Active families who want to remember their holidays will find the photobook printed from your personal digital photographs ideal. With a variety of creative themes and page layouts, these one-of-a-kind photo gifts will help to remember a special trip or photos from every-day moments the family has  shared together. For Mother's day (and to the end of March) Printing-1 offers £15 off its photo book printing on orders over £35. 

• A calendar from Mother’s Day to Mother’s Day? FotoInsight photographic calendars can start any month of the year. A hanging wall calendar or a photo book calendar offer room to jot down birthdays and family events. Photo calendars can be printed through a professional photo lab or can be made with calendar design software at home. The photo calendar test compares three different solutions helps to find the most convenient option:

• Popular gifts for Mother's day photo gift classics include the a pillow case or hand or linen bag with photo on print.

• Laser engraved crystal photo gifts, including crystal picture frames, crystal key rings with LED light, crystal pen holders and crystal photo hearts. The photo crystal items are a sophisticated photo gift for Mother's Day.

This year, it’s not what you give but what the gift yields that counts. Good memories and positive emotions are the best return.

To find the right present requires to:
- think from the person's position who is receiving the gift
- know the person well
- invest in the personal effort to make a unique, memorable gift

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