13 September 2006

FotoInsight Presents its Unique Picture Pairs Game 

Innovative Photographic Picture Pairs game is a real memory jogger – and path to success right at the start of the new school year.

At last FotoInsight’s quality is available in a new group of games designed for the younger set. The online digital photo printing specialist is launching a “Photographic Picture Pairs” game printed from the customer’s photographs. All that is required are 25 digital images (576 x 432 dpi) to make this traditional and original, specially created game.

Any family that has digital photos can create this unique memory jogger. A durable print on quality cards makes the special view from holidays, family photos and the memories of childhood unforgettable. FotoInsight Ltd. Managing Director Klaas Brumann comments: “FotoInsight’s Photographic Picture Pairs are a new dimension in combining own digital images and the ability to create classic games.”

New FotoInsight Picture Pairs game

Match the photos to make-up your pairs. The game promotes the mental development, sorting, mental image rotation, matching and the development of memory skills. Encoding, of novel picture pairs activates the perirhinal cortex (a region of the brain) and is a real memory jogger for all ages. Creating a personal FotoInsight Picture Pairs game from digital camera images is as easy as ordering any other photo prints online. Once the user has arrived at FotoInsight’s photo gift ideas section and has clicked on Print Items, a window appears displaying a range of photo calendars and picture pairs game. The user uploads pictures in JPEG, JPEG-2000, PNG, TIFF, PSD, BMP and GIF through browser boxes or simply uploads a complete, compressed ZIP or RAR folder. An individual FotoInsight Picture Pairs game costs £9.99 plus £2.99 delivery within the UK (or €13.99 plus €4.99 delivery from http://fotoinsight.ie/gift-ideas/toys-and-games/photo-memo.html to Ireland and most European countries).

Why is FotoInsight Picture Pairs such a valuable game?

Creating individual picture pair games from digital images offers much room for creative ideas with holiday snaps, flowers, landscapes and family pictures. A very unique Photographic Picture Pairs game can also be created from 25 familiar faces, like parents, children, grand parents, cousins and friends. According to researchers at the MIT Williams (Williams, A.O., 2001) there is behavioural evidence from infant experiments and studies of prosopagnosia (or face blindness, affecting about 1 in 50 people) providing evidence for innateness of special human face recognition abilities. There seems to exist an anatomically distinct area for quick, holistic recognition of faces. Some scientists suggest that faces might be processed differently than other objects with special difficulties in inverting face images, making a Photographic Picture Pairs game of familiar faces an extremely valuable and unique learning tool.

Convenience and flexibility

FotoInsight offers a PC and Mac compatible, independent online photo service, fully flexible to be used with images from any digital camera. According to FotoInsight’s management the online service offers an extensive array of award-winning photo printing and photo gifts and photo books, poster printing, photo calendars, photo canvas printing, for the consumer, business, photography, and graphic arts markets. From Cambridge, Mr Brumann comments: “Photographic memories must never fade. Our technology is smarter, providing long lasting prints in superior quality.”

Contact information

FotoInsight Ltd.
Klaas Brumann, MD
Cambridge, CB4 1ZP, UK
Skype fotoinside
Tel. +44 8700 114911
pr (@) fotoinsight.co.uk 

Press Contact:

IITM is a specialist agency and will be delighted to arrange interviews for example with founder Klaas Brumann. IITM will be please to provide images, vouchers for review and background information.

Email: pr (at) IITM.info
Tel.  +1 (202) 470 3242

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