10 October 2018

Ferrero® and kinder® chocolate Advent calendars with own photographs 

FotoInsight® now offers the popular photo Advent calendars in portrait format, too, as most mobile phone pictures are taken in portrait format. The photo Advent calendar is the ideal place for the year’s most beautiful photographic memories and a perfect gift.

The creative Advent calendar idea
UK retailers stock many different and ever more expensive Advent calendars on a variety of topics, like chocolate, spices, beauty products or sex toys. But why should one spend so much money for an uninspired, off-the-shelf  Advent calendar, if designing a truly personal Advent calendar at a similar or lower cost is easy?

The pre-Christmas period is ideal for a review of the passing year. With FotoInsight's photo calendars for Advent, personal memories and experiences can be celebrated. The templates available online give the calendars a festive look. One can hardly prepare a greater joy.

Photo calendars and Advent calendars from FotoInsight®
FotoInsight offers a range of quality photo Advent calendars, for example:
  • Ferrero® Photo Advent Calendars from £19.99 / €24,99 with a selection of chocolates Ferrero Küsschen®, Ferrero Rocher® and Raffaello® in sizes A4 and XXL in portrait or landscape format.
  • kinder® Photo Advent Calendars from £18.99 / €19.99, with chocolate surprises kinder chocolate®, kinder Country®, kinder Bueno® and kinder chocolate Bons® in sizes A4 and XXL in portrait or landscape format.
  • Self-filling photo Advent calendars in XXL size 48 × 36 × 3.5 cm, in portrait or landscape format.
  • Chocolate Advent calendar with own photograph in landscape format, from £9.99 / €12,99.
  • Chocolate Free Photo Advent Calendar from £7.49 / €8,99, with 25 landscape images in sizes A4 (35 x 24 cm) and A3 (42 x 29.7 cm)  in portrait or landscape format.

Photo Advent calendars by FotoInsight are made of high-quality opaline with a satin-matt surface and are printed digitally. Advent calendars with own photographs are available in the UK from £7.49 (plus delivery) at  http://fotoinsight.co.uk/photo-calendars.html and in Ireland from €8.99 (plus delivery) at http://fotoinsight.ie/calendars.html

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28 October 2017

FYO photo Advent calendar with truly personal treats for a loved one 

More filler ideas - than just chocolate - for your loved one’s Advent calendar.

Advent calendars help to embellish the run-up time to Christmas. The Advent calendar has changed dramatically in its 500-year history: for some years now, the online photo service FotoInsight has been printing bespoke Advent calendars with customer’s own pictures. Previously, the photo calendar service has offered customers to personalise their calendars with images and graphic design, but not with chocolates. FotoInsight is changing that now:

The Advent Calendar to be filled with 24 individual surprises

For those who want to personally fill their photo Advent calendar, FotoInsight now offers the option to upload the desired picture and print a photo Advent calendar for self-stocking. The custom printed Advent photo calendar contains a tray, which which can be taken out from one side for filling. Of course, the tray fits not only chocolates, but many little personal treats, to really cheer-up the recipient.

Filler ideas for a personal Advent calendar
An Advent calendar personalised with a photograph is an even bigger surprise when it is filled with truly personal treats. FotoInsight's new photo Advent calendar for self-stocking offers 24 nests, each 3.5 cm deep, for creative surprises such as vouchers for a meal, breakfast in bed, or tokens for time, experiences and surprises. Skin care cream and perfume samples or jewellery fit into the box, as well as some hobby accessories, toys or collectibles. Free concert, theatre or movie tickets can cheer-up the recipient just as well as jokes and puzzles.

A photograph uploaded by the user can be made to feel more Christmassy with the optional design templates! FotoInsight then prints the picture in brilliant colours and with a silk matte finish on the front of the Advent calendar. The result is a decorative eye-catcher, providing fitting decoration for the festive season and shortening the wait for the Christmas holidays, door for door, with 24 personally selected treats.

FotoInsight’s Advent photo calendar for self-filling is made of strong opaline with satin finish and is 48 x 36 x 3.5 cm (WxHxD) large. The compartments for the stockings are each 3.5 cm deep. The height and width of the compartments differ; they are respectively between 5.5 cm and 10 cm high, and between 5.7 cm and 13.5 cm wide. The price is £19.99 (+p&p) at http://fotoinsight.co.uk/photo-calendars/chocolate-advent-calendars/fill-your-own-advent-photo-calendar.html

Photo and Advent calendars from FotoInsight®
Aside from the photo Advent calendars for self-filling, FotoInsight offers a number of high-quality photo Advent calendars, for example:

About FotoInsight®
FotoInsight Ltd was founded in Cambridge in 2003. The online photo printing service offers an extensive array of photo and canvas print products as well as photo gifts and award-winning photo books and photo calendars.

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07 January 2016

Home Decoration Takes a new Dimension Online 

The resolution of digital cameras is rising constantly. Many digital photographs could impress at home or in an office meeting room, when printed as a laminated poster or a stretched canvas in a floating frame. With the right image it makes a worthy present.

FotoInsight, a specialist serving amateur and professional photographers alike, prints canvases in different sizes from 20x30 cm / 12”x8” (minimum resolution 800 x 1100 pixel) to 60x80 cm / 32”x24” (2500 x 3300 pixel recommended). FotoInsight states that it uses man made optimised fibres and fade-resistant "archival" inks to guarantee longevity and brilliant colours. The hi-tech inks penetrate deep into the fabric and can therefore be printed and mounted over the edges of the wooden frame. Standardised sizes allow a largely automatic production process. According to FotoInsight this ensures constant quality and long durability at lower prices for the first time.

NEW: Laminated and framed poster prints

While a photo canvas print will be stretched over a wooden frame, FotoInsight can also mount posters onto a "Deco-block“, specially made to hang the laminated and framed posters straight onto a wall. The so called Deco-block was originally developed to hang art prints. It simulates the wood frame used to stretch a canvas. FotoInsight laminates the poster prints onto the block and then seales the surface with a layer of matt UV-protection vanish. The sealed surface warrants a much improved humidity and UV-resistance. The website provides a preview of the poster to help choose among a range of Nielsen wood frames.

Collage Poster Tool

With the new version of software its “Designer” FotoInsight provides tools to create collage posters. For a collage up to 98 images can be layered to form a single poster print, which optionally can come laminated and framed.

Framed poster and canvas prints elevate holiday snaps to impressive works of printed art. The fine structure of a canvas lends an artistic impression and adds depth when stretched over a 1/2“ deep frame. Large, framed photo prints become a unique pieces of art and are an ideal present, most appropriate to decorate a home or an imposing office space. Photo canvas printing is also well suited for digital art created with image editing software tools and filters. FotoInsight's Managing Director Klaas Brumann states: "The traditional canvas print has received a completely new importance. At FotoInsight we offer the high print quality for impressive prints.“ Unlike a poster behind a glass frame a canvas print, with its fine structure looks thorough and avoids reflections. "Quality is our priority. All materials we use are subject to extensive testing and are guaranteed by their manufacturers to last 100 years. This guarantee extends to poster printing on real photographic paper as well as to the canvas print", emphasises Dr. Rolf Hollander, CEO of FotoInsight's production partner and Europe's largest photo finisher.

Convenient and flexible

Ordering framed prints in FotoInsight's Deco Shop is as easy as with traditional photographic prints, poster or photo books. A clearly structured overview of formats and costs with their respective recommended resolution come together with a user friendly interface. FotoInsight’s Head of Communications states: “The mounted photo canvas is an ideal present. And the collage poster feature is a great addition for families.” The hi-tech production processes enable FotoInsight to provide the framed laminated poster prints from £17.99 (postage & packaging from £2.80) – prices well below of what used to be expected from framed prints, make it an ideal present.

Contact information

FotoInsight Ltd.
Cambridge, CB4 1ZP, UK
Skype fotoinside
Tel. +44 208 1449369
pr (at) fotoinsight.co.uk 

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06 November 2015

NEW: Photo Advent Calendar with delicious Ferrero chocolates 

With new photo Advent calendars stocked with premium Ferrero® Collection or assorted kinder® chocolate, FotoInsight extends its market leading range of individually printed photo Advent calendars.

Going back to 19th century customs of counting out the days leading up to Christmas, Advent calendars, particularly for children, started to appear in the early 20th century. Traditionally, Advent calendars were made and filled at home, nowadays many families use supermarket Advent calendars with commercial pictures, often displaying children’s film characters. FotoInsight’s calendar offering is totally different, their Advent calendars are unique in combining professional photo print and premium Continental chocolate and fondant.

Creating your own, unique kinder® or Raffaello® Advent calendar, without glue or scissors
Those who do not want to feed their loved once commercial Advent calendars off the shelf and would rather like to create or design an Advent calendar with a photograph to remember the best moments of the year, will find help at FotoInsight. At this online photo print service one can get own pictures printed onto a real chocolate filled Advent calendar. The Advent calendar begins on the first of December. Its 24 little doors conceal Continental premium chocolates from Ferrero. With a nice picture for friends or family, it is easy to create an absolutely unique photo calendar for advent this year.

Photo Advent Calendar web page
For the UK: http://fotoinsight.co.uk/photo-calendars/chocolate-advent-calendars.html
For Ireland: Web: http://fotoinsight.ie/calendars/chocolate-advent-calendars.html

Information about the new photo Advent calendar with Ferrero quality chocolates
From 7 November FotoInsight will offer a new photo Advent calendar with assorted chocolate from Ferrero Küsschen®, Ferrero Rocher® and Raffaello® by Ferrero. A perfect gift selection of the finest layered delights, all with something divine hidden at their heart.
A special person, deserves a special Advent calendar. The glittering assortment of Ferrero’s Continental chocolate assortment is ideal, with three deliciously different, layered delights - something for everyone to enjoy.

Price £19.99 +p&p (UK) / €24.99 +p&p (Ireland)
Dimensions: 30.5 x 2.1 x 3.5 cm
Turnaround time: Six working days.

Information about the photo Advent calendar with kinder® friends chocolate
From 7 November FotoInsight is offering a personalised kinder® chocolate advent calendar with a personal photo onprint. A picture uploaded over the website is printed on the large surface of this new, seasonal photo calendar. 24 little doors conceal assorted kinder chocolate®, kinder Country®, kinder Bueno® and kinder Choco Bons®. Kinder Chocolate® is perfect as a little treat or snack! Ferrero takes great care in making sure that only the highest quality ingredients make it into their products.

Price £14.99 +p&p (UK) / €17.99 +p&p (Ireland)
Dimensions: 23.5 x 180 x 3.1 cm
Turnaround time: Six working days.

About FotoInsight
FotoInsight Ltd was founded in Cambridge twelve years ago and runs an easy to use photo processing service for Windows, Mac OS and Linux users. It offers an extensive array of award-winning photographic print and photo gifts as well as photobooks, photo posters and photos printed on canvas. Prints ordered through FotoInsight are developed at five state-of-the-art photo labs in four countries. The online photo service has grown year on year faster than the photo processing industry and has expanded its services in seven European languages in thirty-two countries.

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12 May 2015

Let's honour the modern father 

Cambridge. 12 May 2015. - The modern day father comes in various forms. Today’s father is no longer always the traditional, married breadwinner and disciplinarian in the family. He may leave the house to go to work or work from home, he can be single or married; gay or straight; a biological, adoptive or step-parent; and a more than capable caregiver to children facing the physical or psychological challenges of growing up.

Well into the nineteenth century, fathers’ roles were primarily to serve as breadwinners and the conveyors of moral values and religious education to their offspring. However, with the advent of industrialisation and urbanisation and as factories emerged as major sources of employment, several generations of fathers became distanced from the household and their families.

Family patterns in the post-industrial society are changing again. With a large proportion of mothers leaving home - many becoming the main breadwinner- the arrival of the Internet and distant working opportunities, many modern fathers' roles involve them much more in the home.

When celebrating fatherhood, it is time to remember that like any other member of the family, fathers too have their own interests and lives.  Despite the changes in the male role, the contemporary debate recognizes men commonly as being competitive and with a greater need to ream. Even many modern fathers follow sport events in a group of friends. What could the loving football fan enjoy more than his own 'World Cup ware'?

A personalised sport bottle with own photographs and texts for the gym or a bike ride or a traditional one pint beer mug with photo on-print are presents for Dads with a difference. Creating a unique supporter shirt, caps or a BBQ apron for a World-Cup-Party at home is fun. For the bread winner who leaves to his office a crystal pen holder block with a laser engraved photograph will avoid having to leave the family totally back home.

The ideal modern father is the one who parents from his heart and models respect towards his children’s mother, who wears a photo apron too and can be seen using a mop, a washing machine, or any home appliance that was taboo in past generations, one who thinks his responsibility as a father is more than bread-winning and disciplining, one who cares not just for the physical needs but bonds with his children and supports their emotional needs.

About FotoInsight Limited
FotoInsight Limited was founded in Cambridge in 2003 and runs an easy to use digital photo processing service for Windows, Mac OS and Linux users, offering an extensive array of award-winning photographic print and photo gifts as well as the photo books, photo poster and photo canvas printing. Prints ordered through FotoInsight are developed at five state of the art photo labs in three countries. The online photo service has grown year on year faster than the photo processing industry and has expanded its services in seven European languages in 32 countries.

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22 April 2015

The photo lab that is fishing for Snap dollars 

Another bite at Snapfish

‘District Photo’ is about to snap-up online photo storage to print site Snapfish from Hewlett-Packard for an undisclosed sum, reports the Financial Times under the headline “HP throws photo service Snapfish overboard”. Palo Alto, California based HP has been trying for some time to spin off its printing business from the rest for the hardware and service operations. As the news of the Snapfish deal broke, HP shares fell another one percent on the New York stock exchange. ‘District Photo Inc’ of Beltville is associated with Devon based ‘Harrier LLC’ with which it has been operating ‘Truprint’ and is serving the budget end of the British photo printing market. 

For ‘District Photo Inc’, a 65 year old company, it’s another bite at Snapfish, which it originally acquired in late 2001, when District Photo was struggling to digest the transition from an analog film-developing lab to a digital lab. According to SiliconNews, HP had acquired Snapfish in 2005 for US$300 million. 

Business Insider: After years of trying, HP sells Snapfish

It is worth remembering that HP has used its once deep pockets for acquisitions in the past. In 2011 HP paid a 79% premium to acquire ‘Autonomy Corporation plc’ of Cambridge for £7.4 billion. The Wall Street Journal reports that “H-P” last month agreed to buy ‘Aruba Networks Inc’ for US$2.7 billion.

HP Unhooks Snapfish

Sources familiar with the Snapfish the deal suggest that it covers staff and technology, but will bind ‘District Photo’ to HP printing equipment. 

HP acquired Ness Ziona, Israel based ‘Indigo Digital Press’ in 2001 for just $680 million, which is now the dominant film and plate free j-i-t print process, popular with printers of photo books. ‘Indigo’ claims to have 4000 customers for its digital presses worldwide.

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26 March 2015

Every Nursery, School And Family Should Play Its Own ‘Face Picture Pairs’ Card Game 

Specialists recommend every family, nursery and school to test children for face perception disorders with a personalised picture pairs card game with faces of classmates or family.

Based on recent scientific reports, it is now recommended to test children more widely for prosopagnosia, generally known as face blindness. A creative tool to test for face blindness are bespoke picture pairs card games. These card games are sold under the name 'Foto Memo'® and promote the mental development, sorting, mental image rotation, matching and develop memory skills. Encoding of novel picture pairs activates the perirhinal cortex (a region of the brain involved in visual perception and memory) and is a real memory jogger for all ages.

Other photo products recommended by neurologists to families, nurseries and schools are birthday calendars, photo books and group photographs. Read more in the report http://iitm.be/faceblnd , with much information on the issue and many helpful recommendations on how to use portrait pictures to diagnose prosopagnosia and help sufferers.

Match the picture pairs of familiar faces
Printing a personal ‘Foto Memo’® picture pairs game from digital images is as easy as buying photo prints online. A set of ‘Foto Memo’® cards of 25 picture pairs costs only £12.99 plus £2.99 delivery at http://fotoinsight.co.uk/gifts/toys---games/picture-pairs-game.html within the UK (or €16.99 plus €4.99 delivery from http://fotoinsight.ie/gift-ideas/toys-and-games/photo-memo.html to Ireland and most European countries). For prosopagnosia sufferers, such picture pairs cards can also be used like flashcards in training vocabulary, but with the pictures of the faces of the people they want to learn to recognise.

Decorating with portrait pictures
Portrait pictures of pupils, educators, teachers and staff decorate many school halls and classrooms. They help face blind children develop strategies to distinguish individual faces. For the prosopagnosia sufferers, specialists recommend making group pictures of similar looking faces. FotoInsight offers poster print (from £1,99 plus p&p), fancy gallery print, foam board prints, acrylic prints and elegant aluminium dibond mounted posters.

Birthday calendars
Calendars with birthday portraits decorate many classrooms and are a special way to remember and celebrate birthdays.

Portrait album
If portrait pictures have been taken for the home, classroom, school gallery or picture pairs or a birthday calendar, then creating a “face book” or portrait album will be an exciting project and is easily done. FotoInsight photographic paper photo albums are a top end product, with an extra-strong bind. This allows children (e.g. the face blind) to take such a portrait album home to learn to distinguish their peers. It is also a popular, hard copy time capsule, of which most parents will be keen to acquire and preserve a print. Photo booklets start from £5.99 (plus delivery). Photographic paper photobooks start from £21.95 (plus delivery).

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06 November 2014

The photo calendar is the perfect gift for 2015 

Weeks used to pass between the moment of taking a picture to being able to show that snap to friends; in the age of Facebook, Pinterest and Flickr, it only takes a few seconds. More and more pictures spread faster and faster. Critics fear that good shots will be lost in the flood of images and not be preserved for future generations. 

Photo calendars
Pictures, books and music in digital format can be distributed cheaply and quickly, but when it comes to presenting digital goods as a gift one is literally empty-handed. The printed image, as a canvas, gallery poster or photo book is therefore still very popular indeed. But during the run-up to Christmas and the New Year it is the printed photo calendar which tops the list of gift ideas.

The advantages of the printed image are clear to the eye Those who assemble an annual selection of the best pictures in a photo book will still be able to enjoy colourful memories of the most beautiful moments decades later. Calendars with space for pictures for each of the twelve months and a photograph for the cover page only require selecting the most interesting pictures of the year once. Thus photo books and photo calendars help to avoid loosing good pictures in the flood of digital images, giving them the special place they deserve.

Something unique to unwrap, touch and display
Photo wall calendars
Creative and personal gifts, which show the recipient the effort spent in selecting or designing such a display of affection, are consistently receiving greater esteem than gifts bought off the shelf.

FotoInsight webshop offers photo calendars on silk-matt or glossy print paper or photographic paper, in various sizes up to A2, as desk top or wall calendars or personal organiser with weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual calendar templates. They make ideal gifts as individual family, birthday, kitchen or decorative calendars. At prices between £10 and £35 there is a photo calendar model for everyone and every use e at http://fotoinsight.co.uk/photo-calendars.html.

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03 November 2014

Photo Advent Calendar with delicious Continental chocolates 

With the new photo Advent calendar with branded German and Swiss chocolates FotoInsight extends its range of photo chocolate Advent calendars which now include the flavors: nougat, dark chocolate and hazelnut from “Sarotti”® and “Confectionery Heidel”®.

 Photo Advent Calendars 
Going back to 19th century customs of counting out the days leading up to Christmas, Advent calendars, particularly for children, started to appear in the early 20th century. Traditionally, Advent calendars were made and filled at home, nowadays many families use supermarket Advent calendars with commercial pictures, often displaying children’s film characters.

Creating your own Advent calendar, without glue or scissors

Those who do not want to feed their loved once commercial Advent calendars off the shelf and would rather like to create or design an Advent calendar with a photograph to remember the best moments of the year, will find help at FotoInsight. At this online photo print service one can get own pictures printed onto a real chocolate filled Advent calendar. The Advent calendar begins on the first of December. Its 24 little doors conceal festively wrapped German and Swiss chocolate. With a nice picture for friends or family, it is easy to create an absolutely unique Advent calendar this year.

Information about the new photo Advent calendar with Continental quality chocolates

Milk chocolate (contains at least 31% cocoa, 23% milk solids); hazelnut milk chocolate (contains at least 25% cocoa, 14% milk solids, 16% ground hazelnut);dark chocolate (contains at least 50% cocoa).
Photo Advent calendar with Continental chocolate
From November 1st FotoInsight will offer a new photo Advent calendar with assorted chocolate from Germany and Switzerland by “Sarotti”® and “Confectionery Heidel”® in size of approx 355 x 245 x 11 mm with a print area of 355 x 245 and a wrap around print of the 11 mm deep edges.
Filling: 95 g net weight
Price: £11.99 (inc VAT)
Turnaround time: Six working days.
Photo Advent calendar with chocolate from “Sarotti”® and “Confectionery Heidel”®:


Information about the photo Advent calendar with chocolate balls

Price of £7.95.
Turnaround time: Six working days.
Individual Advent calendars
Advent calendar picture print
From November 1st FotoInsight is shipping chocolate-filled advent calendar with a personal photo onprint in size 23.5 x 17.8 x 2.5 cm (W x H x D). A picture uploaded over the website is printed on the 28.5 x 22.8 cm large print area (of which 2.5 cm per side folded). The usual 24 doors conceal 24 festively wrapped milk chocolate balls.

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16 June 2014

Fragmented photo print industry undergoing concentration through acquisitions 

FotoInsight takes over smaller rival website www.printing-1.co.uk
Cambridge. 16 June 2014. - In 2007, IITM LLP started a service for the creation and print of personalized photo books, canvas prints and photographic wall calendars under the name ‘Printing-1’. This web presence expanded into a number of European countries in seven languages. The business has now been taken over by FotoInsight Ltd. for an undisclosed sum and the www.printing-1.co.uk websites redirect to http://fotoinsight.co.uk.

For IITM LLP Designated Partner CM states: ‘The online photo printing industry is experiencing rapid concentration. We are confident that printing-1 customer’s will like the award winning software and print quality that FotoInsight offers, which has won top awards in review by consumer magazines, the photographic press across the UK and Europe, as well as by the Gadget Show.’

Welcome Voucher
Celebrating the successful acquisition of Printing-1 FotoInsight is issuing welcome vouchers. Photo enthusiasts who now download the FotoInsight Designer software and order their first real photo book from FotoInsight before 30 September 2014 get £9 off by using the voucher code PRINT1UK (minimum order value £25).

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06 November 2013

Ecce Terram CEO: New Online Print Services could eat Print Labs' Lunch 

Silicon Valley, Cal. November 06, 2013. - "Traditional" photo labs, watch out: a new generation of Web-based photo print services are getting ready to eat your lunch. They have their eyes set on the consumer market, and they are not wasting time.

That is the essence of recent remarks by Frank Simon, founder and CEO of Ecce Terram (Silicon Valley / Germany / New Zealand), the pioneering provider of digital imaging solutions for photo processing centers and leading retailers.

Simon made his comments following the announcement that Wuerzburg, Germany-based flyeralarm GmbH, one of Europe's largest b2b online printers with operations in seven European countries, has launched an online photo print service specifically geared towards consumers.

The new consumer-facing platform, branded as my FLYERALARM, lets online visitors select and design personalized photo products in 11 categories, from photo-imprinted soda cans to high-end photo books. Customers download a client software based on Ecce Terram's Photo2Lab solution. Branded as My Design (for Windows / Mac), it ensures a user-friendly design experience, as well as seamless ecommerce and order processing workflow.

"What impressed us most about the my FLYERALARM team was their forward-thinking approach, focus and keen understanding of today's digital photo services consumer" said Frank Simon. "my FLYERALARM has done its homework. They clearly grasp what their new target market demands now, and where it is heading, and they are determined to use their main advantages, flexibility and speed, to become a major player."

"The current range of photo products is just the beginning," said Stefan Constantin, CEO of my FLYERALARM. "We pride ourselves on being an innovative company and stay on top of the newest trends."

Simon added that his company considers my FLYERALARM a prime example of a new force that is bound to change the photo processing industry. Working with FLYERALARM Ecce Terram added features to its print solution which very much help the customer to visualise what he is buying and provide FLYERALARM with far superior up- and cross-selling tools than online photo labs are currently using.

"Based on recent experience in similar projects, I think it is fair to say that commercial printers seem to be much more flexible, compared to the old guard, in their response to the current shift in the consumer market for photo services and products." Simon said.

Their mantra is 'time-to-market' - not 'time will tell.”


About ECCE TERRAM Internet Service GmbH
ECCE TERRAM, headquartered in Oldenburg (Germany), is a global enterprise focusing on photo ordering solutions and social media services for digital photo labs, retail chains and printing centers ("Photo2Lab Software Suite"). The company has subsidiaries in the US (Silicon Valley) and New Zealand (Auckland).

About flyeralarm GmbH GmbH
flyeralarm GmbH, based in Würzburg, Germany is one of the largest online printers in Europe. The rapidly expanding group of companies focuses on the manufacture, processing and distribution of printed products. Its portfolio includes printed matter of all kinds, from flyers to bound books. flyeralarm GmbH currently operates five production sites around the metropolitan areas of Würzburg and Dresden. Every day, the print specialist processes 10,000 orders on average and in 2012 generated sales of 260 million euros. flyeralarm GmbH was founded in 2002 and has about 1,500 employees. The company’s international footprint includes the United Kingdom, Italy Austria, Poland, Spain and the Netherlands.

About Photo2Lab
The Photo2Lab Software Suite by ECCE TERRAM offers a complete solution from photo ordering to processing in commercial labs. It includes software applications for Windows, Mac and Linux, along with iOS, Android and social networks, as well as state-of-the-art web applications based on HTML5. The modern connection protocol – TRON – is freely available and is supported by a variety of third party manufacturers.
Along with the core photo order processing functions, aspects such as payment, promotion, and adaptation options for affiliates and partners are taken into consideration as part of the white brand solutions on offer. The product range covered by the Photo2Lab Software Suite includes anything from photo prints to photo gifts and hardcover photo albums. Photo2Lab thus offers a flexibility and openness unique to the industry, with the goal of enabling customers of this solution to reduce costs and reach new target audiences.

ECCE TERRAM Internet Service GmbH
Frank Simon, CEO
Phone:  +1 678 244 1521
Fax:    +1 404 586 6824
E-Mail: pr@ecce-terram.com

Agency Contact
IITM LLP is a specialist agency and will be delighted to arrange interviews for example with founder Frank Simon. IITM will be please to provide images, NFR versions for review and background information.

Catalina Martinez
Email: pr (at) IITM.info
Tel. +44 20 3286 7469
Newswire software, Internet, mobile communication

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